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Baking & Etiquette Classes

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Tina's Traditional

You've seen the TV shows and thought it would be great to try your hand at creating some of your Great British favorites. Tina invites you into her home kitchen as she shows you her recipes step by step. Ideal for groups up to 8. Or at your holiday rental. Ideal for a Birthday or Hen Party Experience.

Tina has developed a series of your most popular Bake-A-Longs and Recipes from the Tina's Traditional Bakery range.

"Tina Jesson was such a delightful breath of fresh air; mixing history with humor to magically enlighten us and provide much needed laughs bringing the joys of baking into our homes, providing an escape to England and connecting our hearts over food." Lisa P Indianapolis

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Etiquette Classes
For Children

Tina Teaches Manners and Etiquette.

Tina has been commissioned by private schools to teach etiquette to children as young as 6 for a number of years and has been asked by mothers and fathers alike to offer further support & education in this area. Tina offers a range of in person classes for your group, school or birthday party.

Girl Scout Manners Badge

Want a fun way to earn a manners badge? These 1 hour workshops are designed to teach the basics of good social skills through interactive games and role-playing. Choose what you would like your girl scout troop to learn from one of our popular topics offered. Meet & Greet Essentials, Dining Skills, Putting your best foot forward and more.

Home School Groups, Schools & Youth Groups 

This fun an interactive manners class. Ideal for School Groups, Scout Groups, & Youth Groups and Family Groups. Parents, teachers and group leaders encouraged to join in.

The video opposite shows Tina teaching Colts mascot "Blue" what to do and not do. So much horsing around!

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Business & Corporate Networking Etiquette Training

"My team had the pleasure of having Tina come train them.  Engagement at large events is one of their core job functions and Tina provided skills to help them feel confident in their approach, eating style, ability to communicate while enjoying a beverage and food, the ability to be inclusive in conversation and how to migrate out of one conversation and easily join another one.  Tina’s approach allowed my team the ability to feel open to ask questions, be vulnerable in their communication and their takeaways for easy application in the real world were immense. I highly encourage teams, groups, companies or individuals looking to advance in their etiquette skills to give Tina a call!" 

Carlie Oakley | Chief Brand Officer|


Networking Etiquette for Business Leaders

Tina Jesson is an advocate, coach and mentor for independent business and helps to develop brand stories, create & implement experiences that foster loyal customer relationships and builds sustainable business growth. 

Tina provides professional business leadership & team training on how to be customer centric. You will have the tools and resources to successfully resolve any situation, whilst not compromising the integrity of the business. If you have an office manager or provide inhouse customer support with no formal processes in place, Tina can work with you to establish and blueprint, business performance KPI's and processes.

Tina has developed a training method which includes role play, making her training an effective, memorable & fun experience in itself.


She teaches the 5 golden rules of networking etiquette in a workplace setting, Happy Hour, dinner or lunch meeting.

Tina can come to your company site or training venue either in person or virtually. Tina trains your team on how to interact in an easy and relaxed, but professional way.


Tina's overall training goals are for you:

1. To increase your comfort and awareness with the sociable experience.

2. To increase your knowledge and familiarity with common etiquette.

3. To enhance your ability to interact with a diverse group of people in social situations. 

4. To bridge the gap between business and consumer by providing access to customer experience resources that foster loyal customer relationships and sustainable business growth.

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